Yasscord? yasscord is genuinely one of if not the coolest group of people ive met in my life up until now, i genuinely appreciate every singlo one of the yasscordians and YAYYAYAYA i feel so safe in that server 💪 i love the roleplays, i love the people, i love the channels, i love every single thing about yasscord

now.. a few words of appreciation for the members!

Thank you all for being there for me, when im happy and when im sad, whenever i need reasurance whenever i need to share something with someone i feel like i can rely on you all, thank you. so so much.

also shout out to big part of yasscord for knowing i liked mike??? HOW???

also shout out to the following channels:
smash or pass
fictionkin fictive audit log
gayclub (i thought it was like a strip club but gay at first.)
pda channel
anon confessions && confessions

shout out to THE EXPIRATION NETWORK shout out to NEO shout out to every single yasscordian and every single "event" and yeah!! more will be added as time passes :3

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