hey! my name is fyo
i am the webmaster nd
virus infecting this
website :3 i am 5TEEN
Agender, aroace &&
cinthean, proud dad of
10 (my webkinz)
i looove my bf :3 and yeah we divorce every day but wake up married again, what about it!?
i am interested in horror especially digital/analog one!! i love cute shit and i am an alpha male who uses :3, ^_^, etc...
yes i am cringe yes i am free, cry abt it :3 also, hi yasscord!


my interests are. . .
Horror, digital/analog horror, fnaf, chezzkids archive, bugbo, bugs, coding ofc, web design, vampires, roleplay, minecraft, etc! also.. THE GRIND💪💪


i really dislike passive agressiveness, south park, bright lights, coca-cola (pepsi solos), malware detectors?? for some reason?? they're annoying what can i say!

More abt me

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